Eating Local: Homemade Applesauce

20121022-111317.jpg Last week I was inspired by two girlfriends that make their own applesauce. I haven't made any since my baby-food making days (about four years ago.) Maybe it's convenience or laziness that kept me from making my own, but I have 16 apples from my CSA with no where to go, so I decided to give applesauce a try.


Prep: - tools: stirring spoon, apple slicer/corer, potato masher, knife & large pot - wash, peel, core, & dice up the apples

Ingredients: - 16 prepped (see above) apples - 1 cup of apple cider - 3/4 cup of vanilla sugar - 2 large cinnamon sticks



Method: - gather your tools & ingredients - prep the apples - compost your peels & cores - chuck the apples, cider, sugar & cinnamon sticks into the pot - stir & cover - cook on medium/high for 15-2o minutes, stir occasionally - when soft, uncover and cook for an additional 5-10 minutes - discard the cinnamon sticks & gently mash (so you aren't covered in apple sauce) until you are at the desired consistency


The end result is a delicious treat that everyone wants in their lunchbox. We made enough to freeze too, because I hear it freezes beautifully!


Have you tried making your own applesauce? What are you making with apples this autumn?