Eating Local - Strawberry Milkshakes

20120610-192853.jpg This week of the SSFC SOLE food challenge comes with a theme - cooking raw and/or vegetarian. Other than making salsa and gazpacho, I have no expereince "cooking" raw. Since many of those (tomaoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc) ingredients aren't quite in season in my neck of the woods, I decided to take the easy road and make strawberry milkshakes. Last week my CSA pick up included some ridiculously delicious strawberries. Mixed up with local milk, ice cream, whipping cream, and some stevia leaves, the strawberries were everything I wanted in a raw food meal! Here's how my sister and I pulled it together:


Ingredients: - 1 quart of cored strawberries - 1/2 cup of trickling springs whole milk - 5-10 stevia leaves - 1-2 cups of tricking springs vanilla ice cream



Method: - in a blender, pulse the strawberries, stevia leaves, and whole milk - a scoop at a time, add the ice cream, pulsing until smooth - pour it in a glas and enjoy summer decadence in a glass - if you're dow with a few more calories, make some whipped cream: 1/2 cup of trickling springs cream whisked with/without chopped stevia leaves


What have you been doing to keep cool this summer? A milkshake pretty much does it for me!