Fish & Chips w/ Mushy Peas

It was so easy - I almost forgot to post last week's Friday meal! Trader Joes offered a lot of help but I don't mind that, especially on Friday nights! Here's what I did:

Ingredients: - 1 bag of fresh shelled peas - 1 sprig of mint, leaves removed & chopped - 1 leek, diced - 2 cups of vegetable stock - 1 box of breaded halibut - 1 bag of steak fries - 1/4 cup fresh grated parm - 1 lemon zested & cut into wedges - salt & pepper - 1 tablespoon of butter - dips: ketchup, cocktail sauce and tartar sauce

Method: - While you bake the fish & fries according to the package instructions... - sauté leeks in butter, 5 mins - add peas & stock, then bring the peas up to a simmer - simmer peas for 5-10 mins until soft, add mint - blitz the mixture in a blender, or with a stick blender

- return to pan, stir in cheese - plate everything up! - jazz up the cocktail sauce with some horseradish, add pimenton and chipotle flakes to the ketchup and add zing to the tartar sauce with lemon zest

Eating fish on Friday is certainly taking us around the globe. Some days I have the wherewithal to cook up a storm, while other nights I've got 20 mins top. Either way, we're having fun culinary experiences and experiencing different cultures through food.