From My Cupboard & Freezer


This winter is just about over and my canning cabinet & freezer are emptying out. Though I wasn't as creative in the kitchen this autumn & winter, I was able to rely on favorite recipes from years past & my canned/frozen reserves to fill us up.

We ate a lot of soup this winter and the base of the soup came from my canned & frozen tomatoes, as we'll as my canned salsas. Here are some of the soups that were in a heavy rotation:

Tortilla Soup Minestrone Tomato & Bread Soup Chili Tomatillo Soup


When we weren't slurping soups & stews we had a few favs that made it onto the dinner table weekly. These came in handy when I was steering clear of the kitchen. My first trimester was a doozy, so these meals were in the hands of my very capable husband:

Double Decker BLTs Stuffed Mushrooms Acorn Squash Risotto Chard & Gruyere Strata

Now my attention is turned to the garden and all the veg we'll grow this summer. Which should bring new inspiration to my kitchen.