Game-Day Eats

Sunday was game day at my house. We turned up the heat and sweet this year, and made enough to feed a crowd! What's cooking: Turkey Poblano Chili Shrimp Cocktail Buffalo Hot Wings Sweet & Sticky Wings Vegetable Platter Dips: Smoked Salmon & Olive Tapanade

The Result:

As you can see, table presentation was not a priority by any means! I was in a Celtics hoodie and yoga pants, actually my son was probably the best dressed. He was mini-Boden from head to toe. Any game-day in our house equates to dress down and eat up. Afterall, we have to keep our energy up!

The chili was made Saturday, and the veg platter, shrimp, & salmon were pre-made, thank you Costco. My mother-in-law brought spinach dip and a decadent chocolate cake. The only dish made on game-day was the wings. Though we made two versions, the mess was minimal and the taste was delicious!

Making the Wings: After cutting & drying the little suckers, Josh fried the chicken in light olive oil. He did 8-10 at a time for about 8 minutes. The key was having a thermometer to monitor the oil temp. Afterward, he drained them inna paper towel, parked them in the oven until it was sauce time.

What did you make for the big game? Did you order in?