Garlic Chive Pesto


My garlic chives need a haircut. Before the chop, I thought long and hard about what to make with so many. Why not Pesto? Using the traditional basil pesto ingredients (sans garlic, I wanted to really taste the garlic chives) I made a bright punchy pesto that will be divine over pasta w/ tomatoes (local & hydroponic of course - too early for any from my garden.)


Ingredients: - 2 bunches of garlic chives, cut in thirds - 1 cup of walnuts, pulverized in the food processor - 1 cup of parm, pulverized in the food processor - olive oil to desired consistency - salt to taste


Method: - process your cheese & walnuts, then reserve in a bowl - cut chives into food processor, pulse the processor a few times - add in cheese, walnuts & a healthy pinch of salt - pulse & add olive oil until desired consistency - save in a container - top the pesto off with olive oil first - for a week or so in the fridge. Or freeze cubes for later use. Mine will be devoured tonight.


I've yet to see garlic chives at my farmers' markets or trader joes. Thankfully they are easy to grow & winter perfectly in the mid-Atlantic region. I grew mine from seed last autumn & transplanted them to my front porch a few weeks ago. Fingers crossed that we get some garlic chive blossoms too.


Have you started harvesting any spring herbs?