grilled garlic scapes & pork chops

20140601-111224-40344813.jpg Scapes are starting to emerge from my garlic plants, and we love to grill them. Just toss them in olive oil, grill for a few mins on each side, add a sprinkle of sea salt & dig in. But we cannot survive on scapes alone - enter big juicy bone-in pork chops.


I marinated the (trader joes) chops in olive oil, thyme, rosemary, and pepper for a few hours in the fridge - I seasoned with kosher salt right before they hit the grill. They grilled for 4-5 minutes per side, the kids like them a little more well done.


To go with this BBQ dinner I whipped up a butternut squash mac and cheese, same recipe as my vegetable drawer mac & cheese, but with only butternut squash. It was divine & the kids have a great leftover pasta dish for lunch!


I hope that trader joes keeps these chops in stock this summer, we loved them...even my 1 year old couldn't help but gnaw on the bone! As for the garlic scapes - their time is short but we'll scour the county farmers markets for them! You should too!