Grilled Tri-Tip w/ herbed patty-pan squash


For my first SOLE Challenge post, I'm taking advantage of herbs from the garden, delectable local produce & a beautiful tri-tip. The produce hails from two local farm-stands. The beef came from Treuth's in Oella, MD. Love that place!

Since the oven is on the fritz, to the grill we go!



Since everything is headed to the grill, I saved the tomatoes & peas for another meal. The focus is on the beef, patty pan squash & gigantic scallions. I used rosemary, oregano and purple ruffles basil from the garden to add an herby note to the scallion/squash combo. There was little leftover. Here's what I did:


Ingredients: - 1 tri-tip beef roast, patted dry - 1-2 pounds of patty pan squash, halved - 1 bunch of scallions, whole - various herbs, I used basil, thyme rosemary & oregano, chopped - olive oil - salt & pepper

Method: - fire up the grill - season the tri-tip with salt, pepper & olive oil - toss the veg in olive oil - grill everything! The meat will be on longer, 30-45 minutes. Check the squash & onions every 10 minutes for a tender, not mushy, consistency. - dice the squash & toss them in the chopped herbs, season with salt & pepper - when the meat is done, allow it to rest for 10 minutes before slicing


Like I said, not much leftover! The squash was sweet and the purple ruffles basil was vibrant. Everyone had a second helping of tri-tip. It just sings with a sprig of rosemary. This was a quick & easy meal, we will definitely see it on a week night in the future!