Grilling: Strip Steaks

I love grilling steaks. The scent permeates the entire neighborhood. We've had a few summery days and that means we're grilling. This dinner was as simple as it looks, good local beef, minimal ingredients. It was all about clean flavors.

Fresh local basil, tomatoes, bread and steaks. Pulled together with Italian cheeses and olive oil. First was the caprese salad - slices of local hydroponic tomatoes with whole basil leaves and thin slices of cheese. Drizzle some fruity/peppery extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper - done!

While the steaks are grilling and the caprese salad marinates, slice up a baguette & prep some delightfully creamy gorgonzola cheese. I like a little cheese on my steak and the toasty bread sops up the golden olive oil.

A meal like this is quick, satisfying and doesn't get old. Once I have my own tomatoes and basil, it will be even better. In the coming months I'll be grilling up seafood, fresh veg from the garden (and the CSA) and who knows what else. Our steamy summer is right around the corner, but I'm enjoying the little glimmers of it.