Homemade Kale Chips

20120729-164440.jpg We're swimming in kale again. Instead of making soup, or a side, I decided to take the leap and make some kale chips! Two blogger gal pals have had great success with kale chips. Annie Rie sprinkled in some white pepper and paprika. Sincerely Emily stuck with the basics - olive oil and salt. Both sound great, guess I should try both!

Ingredients: - 1 pound of kale, cleaned & torn into 3-4 inch pieces - olive oil - salt - 1 tsp homemade super spicy chili powder - 2 tsp pimenton


Method: - preheat your oven to 350 - in a large bowl, toss half of the kale wih olive oil and kosher/sea salt - in a second bowl, toss the other half of the kale with olive oil, salt & the chili powder & pimenton - using a baking sheet with a rack (or several of them), lay the kale in a single layer - bake for 10-12 minutes - getting them into a bowl or serving dish is the hardest part, because you won't be able to stop munching on them!


Use whatever type of kale is taking over your fridge or garden. This recipe works well with all varieties. I'm thinking it would be great with some soy, sesame & ginger too!


Are you swimming in kale or any other veg? I have a feeling that a tomato tsunami is right around the corner...