Is Trader Joes Cheating?

I'm gearing up for the autumn baking marathon....but I'm still a little short on time. The first big baking deadline is looming - my son's preschool fall festival. Of course I volunteered to make copious amounts of baked goods but there are restrictions - no nuts allowed, something gluten free and something egg-free. So far I've committed to: three types of cupcakes, gluten-free brownies, and shortbread cookies. The only thing I'm making from scratch are the shortbread cookies. Everything else is coming from TJs. A part of me feels like this is cheating...but once the holiday season swings into high gear there'll be no opportunity for shortcuts. To head-off any other guilt, I'll be adding white chocolate chips to each of the cupcake mixes in addition to making homemade frosting. That counts, right?!