Leftovers: Chicken Salad Sandwich

20130118-095333.jpg We always have something leftover from a roast chicken dinner, this time it was the breast meat. Since I'm in a sandwich mood I decided to make chicken salad sandwiches.

Ingredients: - 2 leftover roasted chicken breasts, skin removed & diced - 3 radishes, sliced - 3-4 local hydroponic cherry tomatoes, sliced - fresh dill - 1/4-1/2 cup of mayo, depending on your taste - 1 tbsp of your fav mustard - lemon zest - butter lettuce - 2 ribs of celery, diced - 1 shallot, diced - salt & pepper to taste - your fav bread - pickles to snack on


Method: - combine: mayo, mustard, dill, zest, celery, shallot & chicken - either rest in the fridge for a bit or serve right away, how hungry are you? - layer bread, lettuce, chix salad, radishes & tomatoes - this is really good stuff, dig in with one chips & pickles


Though the chicken is tender and delicious, the star is the tomatoes. They are ripe & juicy and I ate them all. Thankfully I can get them year-round at Roots. Not only do they come in orange cherry, but they have all sorts of different varieties. Until it's the season to grow my own, I'll gladly pay the price for the taste of summer in January.


What's your favorite sandwich accompaniment? We are really into cornichons right now, tangy and just the right size for munching 4 year olds!