Lobstah Truck Lunch

20120502-200903.jpg Every day, Mon-Fri, DCers line up at 11:30a for lunch from a food truck. Now I don't do this every day, but today I couldn't resist the Redhook Lobster Pound. It's one of the pricier choices along Mass Ave but well worth it on this delightful spring day.


Today I took my lunch back to the office - delightful spring days in DC usually come with a threat of rain. For $22 I scored a lobster roll (a "mainer" which means lobster in a light lemony mayo), a large clam chowdah, and a house made lemonade. Not bad - I've paid more for less! The portions were generous and the service was quick. But get there early! Lines get long in a hurry.


First the lobster roll - the bun was slightly toasted and filled to the brim with plump juicy lobster. Red Hook tops the lobster with paprika and sliced scallions. Yum. I wonder if they'll let me do a litle butter on it next time. Hmm....and maybe a dash of ground celery seed.

Bonus - the pickle was actually good too!


Next up - the chowdah. Not too thick, not too thin, but oyster crackers are necessary. Surprisingly the clams are bigger than the potatoes in this chowder...and so delicious. I wasn't sure about ordering the chowder, after all it bumped up the price quite a bit - but it was worth it.


What's for lunch tomorrow? Probably some hummus and side of blueberries after I jog on the mall. How about you? What's your favorite lunch truck?