Local Leftovers: Tandoori Lamb meet Greek Salad

20120612-070515.jpgA few days ago we grilled a delicious Tandoori Lamb - though we each ate more than our fill - the leftovers were plentiful. Speaking of plentiful, my Breezy Willow CSA & backyard greens are too! So why not use the leftover lamb in a big salad?!


In the backyard I found; arugula flowers, red romaine & red leaf lettuce. My CSA provided lots of cucumbers, and I had one last super-ripe tomato from the farm-stand. To make the dressing I used Cava tzatziki. Cava is a local company that makes dips galore. My fridge cannot be without a container of Cava harissa. All of their stuff is amazing, look for it at Roots Market. Cava Mezze also has restaurants in the DC-area. I will be visiting soon!


Making the salad was a breeze. I gently warmed the sliced lamb in homemade chicken stock, low for 10-15 mins. While the lamb warmed I picked, washed, and chopped the veg. Oh - the feta. Well that was not local. My darling husband, forgot to chek out the CSA Hesse selection, and I missed all of the farmers markets, so Trader Joes to the rescue. I bought the Greek feta in water, it's tangy, creamy, and delicious.



Drain the meat & let it cool for a couple of minutes. Then toss it all, and dig in. I love being able to toss things into a salad midweek. You know, this might be great wrapped up in a flatbread for lunch too!