Eating Local: Pickled Banana Peppers

20120728-143002.jpg Peppers were hot & plentiful this season. From jalapeño to pequillo, and fish peppers too, there was no short supply. In addition to drying, pulverizing, and canning into salsa, I pickled a large bunch of banana peppers this year.


These gorgeous peppers came from Gorman Farm. They always grow a diverse variety of hot & sweet peppers. I purchased 6 pounds of banana peppers and made the equivalent of 8 pint jars. I used the pickled jalapeño recipe from Canning for a New Generation. It's a basic recipe that uses apple cider vinegar, garlic & salt. I love this recipe. I would have pickled some jalapeños if I wasn't so busy drying & making salsa out of them! I hope the banana peppers fill the bill. There's nothing like a bowl of chili on a frigid day, topped with homemade pickled hot peppers.


Check out what else I've been pickling & preserving this season:

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Did you preserve anything this year? I'm sure I have a few more things up my sleeve, red onion marmalade might be it! A few of my contemporaries have been preserving and pickling all summer long, check out what's in their canning cupboards!