Purple Ruffles Basil

20120824-132752.jpg My goal is to grow organic, non-GMO veg & herbs to feed my growing family. So I grow most of my garden from seed. But every once in a while I'll find an organic farm that grows plants to sell at farmers markets - enter purple ruffles basil. I was enamored by the color and scent of this little plant back in May. Now, this garden behemoth is ready for a trim, purple pesto anyone?


Like my Thai Basil Pesto & Traditional Pesto this will end up as frozen cubes of summer in my freezer. The difference is, this pesto will not be green. The dark purple leaves make the pesto almost black. I'm looking forward to stirring a few cubes into a homemade tomato soup in a few months.


This has been one of the most exciting plants in the garden this year. It was a huge plant that didn't go to seed for months - I must have done something right, or it just really liked its growing space. Purple Ruffles Basil will certainly be back in my garden next year!