Snacking Local: Popped from the Cob

20130218-161824.jpg Things were fairly mellow on Sunday. So mellow we couldn't muster the strength to make lunch. Since we were tucked into the basement watching movies, I decided to make popcorn. Back in the fall I picked up some dried strawberry corn from the Silver Spring Farmers Market, perfect for a cold lazy Sunday in February!



Making the popcorn was a cinch. You need 1 brown paper lunch bag per corn cob, 2-4 tbsp of butter (I used local Trickling Springs butter) & salt (we like the finely ground sea salt on our corn.) Melt your butter over the stove & find your popcorn bowl. Place the cob into the bag & fold the top 2-3 times to keep it from filling your microwave with popcorn. Then microwave for 2-4 mins. I used the popcorn button on my microwave, it was just right though there were a few unpopped kernels. Then shake the corn into your bowl, cover with butter & salt. To feed 3 popcorn lovers I recommend 2 cobs, so repeat the process once more to fill that big bowl.


This has become such a favorite that I'm considering growing it myself! Though, not this year. I've promised to keep the garden low stress so I'm only growing herbs, flowers, cucs, peppers & tomatoes.

How do you pop your corn?