Soup: Chicken Cheese Steak

20130130-080635.jpg This is an oldie, but goodie. For the past 10 years my sister inlaw has been coming over for dinner once a week. It all started when we were crazy for LOST, but even though we bid our castaways farewell, we kept the tradition going. The dinner is almost always a soup, and if Katie had her way it would almost always be chicken cheesesteak soup. I combine chicken breast, sweet red peppers (roasted or fresh), onions and a generous helping of provolone cheese. We keep it simple, yet this soup is so much more than delicious. Here's how I make it:


Ingredients: - 3 boneless skinless chicken breasts (normally I'm gaga for the skin, but it's unnecessary in this dish, the seasonings go directly on the chicken and somehow it all works out. So no bones, no skin. Unless you want the work.) - 8 cups of chicken stock - 4 red bell peppers, gotta be red, sliced - 4 onions, red or vidalia or a combo, sliced - smoked sweet paprika - salt & pepper - olive oil - provolone cheese



Method: - I used a slow cooker with a stovetop friendly insert, alternatively you can do this all in a dutch oven and/or transfer it to a slow cooker. - coat the chicken in salt, paprika & pepper, then in an olive oiled vessel, slow cooker insert for me, sear them for 4-5 mins on each side, then rest on a plate - add onions & peppers to the insert and cook until just softened, season with salt & pepper - add chicken stock & chicken back into the insert bring to a boil, then carefully transfer to the slow cooker unit. cook on low for 2 hours. I'm still getting used to my unit so I checked the internal temp of the chicken after 30 mins just to be sure I didn't over cook it. - When your chicken's internal temp is 160-170 set your slow cooker to warm & taste for seasoning.


I finished the dish with a slice of provolone and some hot pepper flakes, I'm pretty sure my sister inlaw and husband had a few more pieces of cheese. I often wonder if they were really born in Wisconsin, they are true cheese heads!


Which soups are keeping you warm this winter?