Spring Tomato Soup

20130409-200332.jpg It is a beautiful spring day, and it has me craving something summery...tomatoes. Though my tomato seedlings are coming along, they won't have fruit until July/August. So I dug into my canning cabinet to find a taste of summer from last year.


Using butter and cream from a trickling springs creamery, plus tomatoes, thyme & garlic from my garden it was almost a 100% local meal. One lone sweet onion from Georgia, but I say close enough. To jazz up the soup a bit more we'll be dunking in a local baguette & stirring in some pesto made last summer. I suddenly feel the urge to uncover all of my patio furniture and eat al fresco!


Ingredients: - 2 28oz jars of crushed tomatoes - 8 tbsp of butter - 1/2 to 1 cup of cream - 1 big pinch of dried thyme, or 10 sprigs of fresh if you have it - 1 large sweet onion, diced - 3 cloves of garlic, pulverized - 1 tbsp sugar - 1 tbsp salt - garnish with pesto & a crusty baguette

Method: - prep your veg while your butter melts in a large soup pot over medium/low heat - add onion, garlic & thyme and sauté until onion is soft - add salt &'sugar, stir and let dissolve - add tomatoes & simmer for as long as possible. I let mine sit on low in the slow cooker for a few hours. But if you only have a few minutes, it's fine. - either serve chunky or blitz with a hand blender or in a blender. Stir in cream after you ladle into bowls. - add cheese of choice and/or garnish with pesto & a crusty baguette


Anything left in your canning cupboard? Has sprung sprung in your neck of the woods?