Ssam-Bap Night

We are getting more adventurous in The Sofritto kitchen. Recently I enjoyed a thrilling/delish lunch at Honey Pig, and knew I had to continue my Korean cuisine journey.

In order to pull together an authentic Ssam-Bap (marinated & grilled ribeye slices wrapped in redleaf lettuce), I needed to pick up some gochujang. Gochujang is a sweet & spicy red pepper paste - Its divine! Apparently it will come in handy for kimchi fried rice or a kimchi soup that was just featured on NPR. I trolled online for recipe ideas for Korean Pancakes & for the basics of Ssam-Bap. Since I'm still a novice, I decided to follow a ssam recipe from Jihye Chang and Epicuirious' pancake recipe.

In all, it was a hit. Next time I'll make the marinade & slice the bool kogi myself, instead of relying upon Trader Joes. The pancakes were light as air, and a perfect addition to the meal. I added a little cilantro and kimchi to each eggy bite. My fav ssam was beef-rice-kimchi-fresh radish; my husband loaded his ssam with beef-rice-gochujang-rice-kimchi; and my son actually demolished his plate - only a few grains of rice remained. Culture through food - love it!