Thanksgiving Inspiration

Thanksgiving is less than a week away! Though I won't be hosting, I'm still ordering a bird and will blog about all the fun ways to utilize turkey and other side dishes after the big dance.

To find inspiration I poured through some of my favorite cook books and magazines. And just today, I dove into Mark Bittman's NYTimes article on post-Thanksgiving meals. It reminded me that the possibilities are limitless. Here's my preliminary plan (which I think is sooooooo important because it's easy to forget what you have tucked in the back of the fridge!):

    1. Turkey Stock - similar to my chicken stock recipe 2. Turkey Tortilla Soup - recipe coming soon! 3. Latkes - made from leftover mashed potatoes 4. Cranberry Crumble - which reminds my family of Gruffalo Crumble 5. Stuffing Balls - for when we have a hankering for a taste of Thanksgiving in February

The goal this weekend it to keep cool and organized, easier said than done!