Thanksgiving Pie: from crust to whipped cream

Happy Thanksgiving! Yesterday I started the pie making process. Though my sister-in-law does the lion's share of the cooking, my husband and I still contribute a few dishes including this pie. After digging through numerous holiday cooking magazines, we picked this Apple Cider Cream Pie from Food & Wine.

pie time!

I made the pie dough early Wednesday, so it had time to chill out in the fridge. And after searching high and low for the rolling pin, my husband rocked the crust!

not too shabby!

Though we haven't tasted it yet, I think it will be a hit. From the savory buttery crust to the sweet crispy apple chips, it's a great addition to the Thanksgiving dessert table.

the custard ingredients

ready to chill out

apple chips soaking

done! now, let's eat!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for my beautiful family, near and far.