Thinking Ahead - Stuffing Balls

Last Sunday I made a Thanksgiving preview dinner for my husband & son. Everything was delish, and my house smelled amazing! Instead of making the stuffing from scratch, I tried the La Brea Foccacia Stuffing mix. To put my own stamp on it, I added sage from my garden, roasted chestnuts, caramalized onions, and sweet Italian sausage. There was SO much stuffing leftover!

Instead of tossing it -seriously, how could I with all the yummy additions?!- I rolled the stuffing into baseball size portions and froze them individually on a baking sheet (lined with parchment) then tossed the stuffing balls into a freezer bag. The process took about 6 minutes of active time, and 20 minutes of pre-freezing time.

Voilà - we'll have stuffing in February!