Where did September go?

20110930-130422.jpgThe summer garden is winding down, and I've been wrapped up in my day job. While much of September was spent in the office or on travel, I did find some time to can tomatoes, dry herbs, dehydrate hot peppers, and stockpile pesto in the freezer.

My cucumbers are long gone, bell and hot peppers have stopped ripening, and tomatoes are hanging in there but have slowed to a crawl. Any greenies I find, come inside to ripen on a sunny windowsill.

20110820-013220.jpg 20110820-013229.jpg

A few crops like salad greens, radishes and beets are making a comeback! And my golden chard, cilantro, and chives love the cooler temps.

(golden chard)

This lone bee in the marigolds reminds me that I'm six months away from doing this all over again. I do enjoy all of the fall crops, but there's nothing like sowing the first seeds of spring and the anticipation before plants flower and veg ripens.


In the coming weeks I'll attempt to clean up the garden, can applesauce and plant some garlic bulbs...results coming soon!

How did you wrap up your summer?