Ready or not, here comes spring!

20120226-200650.jpg It's technically still winter, and much of my garden remains in a "restful" state. But soon my days will be full of weeding, tilling, and planting. Each winter I allow my garden to rest. Much to the chagrin of my neighbors, I don't rake leaves, and I don't clear out the dead branches from my perennials, or from my annuals. Nope - as of November I'm on a vacation from my garden.


Maybe it's laziness, but I do believe that a rested gardener and garden make for a much healthier team come spring. The leaves & dead branches in the yard are a blanket on he ground. They give shelter to some plants & put nutrients back into the soil. In a few weeks I'll have my final garden plan in hand. I'll start triming, clearing, transplanting, seed sowing, and seedling planting.





Though much of my garden still slumbers, there are a few signs of spring, and not just in my basement.



Waxy chard leaves emerge from the cold soil, chives are shooting up, garlic is growing, chervil thrives, rosemary flowers, and primroses are popping! These moments give me joy & bring great anticipation. I'm so excited that I plan on powering through the laundry during the week just so I have extra time to work outside this weekend - dedication!





As I clear out the brush I'm sure to find additional surprises. I love finding a forgotten plant or flower pushing through the soil toward the sun. This is what I've been resting up for!

Did you work in the garden this winter? Or did you take a few months off?