Eating Local: Herb Omelette & Tomato Jam Toast

Herbs are bursting out of the garden! Chives are popping up, the dill is fresh and the chervil is ready for salad, pasta & rissotto. This week my challenge is to cook breakfast from local ingredients. This is also the last post of the 2011-2012 Dark Days of Winter Challenge. For my last DDC post I wanted to highlight what's in my garden and keep it simple.

To pull this meal together I enlisted a jar of homemade tomato-basil jam, eggs from Alderfer Farm, Trickling Springs Farm Butter, Canela Bakery Dill Bread and herbs from the back yard. Actually, aside from toasting the bread, cutting the herbs, and making the jam last summer I didn't cook this meal. My amazing, artist, husband did the cooking. He's kind of awesome & so is his art. In between projects, he made this delectable breakfast. He rocks!

While Josh lovingly whisked and gently cooked each pair of eggs, I snipped herbs from the front yard and the deck. The combo of dill, chervil, and chives is perfect with the light, delicate omelet. It tastes like spring.

As you can see - he makes one mean omelette! This summer I look forward to using the eggs from our CSA in countless omelettes, tortes, spanish tortillas, and poached over salads of mixed greens.

Thanks for following me throughout the Dark Days of Winter. The challenge has changed how I approach eating & cooking locally as well as what to grow in the coming years. Oh - do I have spring fever, or what?!

Do you have spring fever too? Months of digging in the garden and eating fresh local veg is upon us! Happy Gardening!