Eating Local: Spicy Salsa Soup

Over the summer I grew then roasted lots of chili peppers (fish, jalapeño & cayenne) and canned lots of salsa. I knew that the majority of the salsa would be enjoyed with chips - but I wanted some to serve as a soup base. My salsa has the three peppers, local garlic, homegrown tomatoes, a little sugar/salt & lemon juice.

For this week's DDC meal I made a spicy soup from one jar of homemade salsa, homemade chicken stock, home-grown & canned roasted red peppers and a splash of local cream. Here's what I did:

Ingredients: 1 jar of salsa 1 jar of roasted red peppers, puréed in the food processor 4 cups of homemade chicken stock 1/2 cup of half and half or cream handful of fresh grated (local) cheddar or chèvre Salt to taste

Method: - put the salsa & stock into a large soup pot, warm over med/high heat - after you've blitzed the red peppers, stir them into the pot - allow the soup to come up to a simmer then drop the heat down to low - stir in the cream, or half & half - taste, then adjust seasoning with salt and/or more cream - top with a bit of cheese & enjoy!

Making & caning salsa is a breeze, even in the heat of the summer! I cannot wait to see how my tomatillos grow this summer - I see some canned salsa verde in my future!

Do you do anything different with your salsa? I bet it would be great as a chili-base too!