Happy Birthday to Me!

Earlier this week I celebrated my birthday, not quite in my mid-thirties! So far I've been showered with Facebook love, cards from loved ones, delghtful crafts from my son, an Aveda giftcard, and then we celebrated at one of my favorite local restaurants, Iron Bridge Wine Company.

Among the thoughtful presents were a few garden necessities. First up is a pair of Ethel Gardening Gloves. I'm notoriously careless with my garden gloves, so much so that I never use them! I have high hopes that these beauties will keep my hands a bit prettier.

The rest of the garden gifts will keep me dirty! A wheelbarrow full of cow-pots for growing seedlings and a second barrel composter. These are headed outside this weekend! All I need now is a rain-barrel to capture the spring showers!

Next week I'll be posting my 2012 Garden List - like my kitchen list - detailing my favorite tools and where to find them.