Flowers in the Garden

Vegetables and herbs aren't my only garden all-stars. Over the last few years, I've worked tirelessly to find and plant drought-tolerant flowers and plants that will remain happy, even when the weather is muggy and hot. Violas and pansies still have a small spot in the spring and fall garden, but more and more I'm planting native plants that enjoy the swamp-like summers. Black Eyed Susans are Maryland's state flower, and they thrive in the heat. 20110721-071436.jpg


Queen Sophia Marigolds are easy to grow from seed, and serve as a natural pest deterrent! 20110721-071100.jpg

Black Violas didn't make it through July, but they are a new staple in the garden. 20110721-043448.jpg

Lavender in the front garden. 20110721-071206.jpg

Daisies encourage pollinators to visit. 20110721-071351.jpg

Some of the vegetables and herbs are producing dynamite flowers too. These have been a hit with my local pollinators!

Eggplant Blossom 20110721-071416.jpg

Rosemary Blossoms 20110721-071145.jpg


Cucumber Blossoms 20110721-071121.jpg