Most weekdays begin with me gulping down a big cup of coffee & milk before I head out the door, but not on Fridays. Friday begins with my beloved moka pot. This stovetop percolator fills the house with a distinct coffee aroma, and makes my heart sing. My moka pot is not complete with out my aerolatte. A few years ago a friend intruduced me to the wonders of this little wand. It was the best $20 I spent that year, seriously. Steamed, frothy milk + moka pot coffee = bliss.

I've noticed that the milk froths & foams better under certain conditions:

  1. use part 2% and part half/half (easier than buying whole milk)
  2. while the moka pot percolates,preheat the milk, either in the microwave (big mug 45 seconds, 25 for a small), or stove (don't boil it, just keep stirring until you see little bubbles)
  3. pour the milk into a frothing pitcher, unless your cup is large enough (mine aren't)
  4. using the aerolatte, lower into the lower part of the milk & agitate
  5. once it starts to create bubbles, start frothing the upper portion (just a few seconds)
  6. pour your coffee into a mug & top with the frothy milk

The Pour:

We all have different coffee requirements. My sister is partial to her French press, my husband loves it cold, and my Nana loved it black and so hot you couldn't hold the mug. I adore my moka pot. Last year I retired one and gave it to my son, who now serves me coffee from his "grill." mmmmm - grilled coffee!

What's your fav way to consume coffee?