Ready for Halloween!

20111028-144315.jpg Ten tons of candy - ✓ Orange lights - ✓ Pumpkins - ✓ Lots of spooky festive books - ✓

Candy.jpg 20111028-144349.jpg 20111028-144418.jpg

The kids will be flooding the streets of my neighborhood on Monday, and I am prepared! The last thing to finalize is our mini-party menu. Last year we made lots of Trader Joes ours devours, this year Im thinking homemade pizza, crudités with hummus and mulled cider.

the pizzas:

  • First up is a butternut squash and goat cheese pizza, inspired by We, The Pizza
  • Second is a classic pizza margarita (sauce, mozzerella, and basil)
  • The third is a wild card. Ill pick up a bunch of meats, veg cheese and let my hub decide,(especially since hes cooking!)

For the crust, you can pick up a pre-made, get a pre-made ball of dough, or make your own crust. Over the summer we fell in love with Mario Batalis pizza dough recipe. Its a great basic dough and method that we always use. Its the bees knees. Easy, yummy and nothing smells better than dough baking in the oven.

Etc... I'm still undecided on hummus flavors. The crowd fav is roasted red pepper. But theres a good chance that Ill chump out and buy some from Trader Joes. Come to think of it, their spiced cider is pretty yum. All I need to add is a touch of spirits (tuaca, or maybe amaretto depending on my sweet tooth) for the adults!

This Halloween is shaping up to be lots of fun. Hope you have a blast however you decide to celebrate!