Weekend Grilling: Wings & Garlic Scapes

20120528-100645.jpg We had a full weekend and most of it involved the pool & the grill. One of the best meals was so simple, grilled herby wings, garlic scapes & pasta salad. To season the wings, I ventured into the garden and plucked rosemary, chervil, chives and lemon thyme. Then whilst the chicken marinated, I made a fresh pasta salad with arugula, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. Here's how I pulled it all together:

Ingredients: - 30-40 wings, sectioned and patted dry - chopped herbs from the garden, I used rosemary, chervil, chives and lemon thyme - olive oil - 2 lemons, zested & juiced - 1 box of curly pasta, cooked according to package instructions - Arugula, 2 cups or 1 bag - 8 oz of cherry tomatoes, halved - 1 package of feta cheese, crumbled - salt & pepper to taste



Method: - get the noodles cooking, then cooling - while they bubble away, prep the salad the veg and make a lemon vinaigrette with; half of the lemon juice & zest, whisk in salt & pepper and olive oil. Taste as you go. - combine the vinaigrette with the arugula, tomatoes and feta in a bowl. Toss in the noodles after they've cooled and refrigerate for up to 2 hours. - on to the meat, let's make the marinade first. - take the chicken and put them into a plastic zip bag. Add the remaining lemon juice & zest, a few glugs of olive oil, all of the chopped herbs, salt & pepper. Mush them around in the bag and toss in the fridge for up to an hour. - when you're ready to cook, fire up the grill, and get it nice and hot. First thing to cook is the chicken, it's pretty quick so stay close. After you flip, get your garlic scapes ready. - the scapes will grill for about 14/15 minutes total. 10 mins on the first side then flip. - plate it up & finish the scapes with a drizzle of olive oil and some sea salt.


It was wonderful to be surrounded by family and friends as we remember those that served and continue serve in the military. This Memorial Day weekend was full of love and admiration, and some good eats from the grill.